Water Leak Detection

Leaks can gradually damage your property, so the first time you suspect them, call Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions for water leak detection. We serve commercial and residential clients and we can give  you a free estimate of the service through FixMyLeaks.Com. Learn more about our technology and service in our website.  

Traditional plumbing companies still use invasive water leak detection methods—which basically means that they will tear down your walls, flooring, ceiling, and landscaping in order to determine where the leaks are coming from. By the end of the repair process, you are left stressed with all the repair and rebuilding work caused by their diggings and excavations. This is why experts often suggest a less invasive alternative—and it’s called electronic water leak detection. Using electronic gadgets and video technology, it is now possible to determine—with pinpoint accuracy—where the leaks are. Electronic water leak detection involves minimal (or no) digging. It is more efficient, environmentally sensitive, and cost-effective. If you do not wish to deal with messy leak detection, this is the way to go.

Florida Pile-Lining Solutions is an expert is e-PIPE water leak detection and repair. We don’t use disruptive and costly repair and detection methods. Instead, we use non-destructive ePIPE technology. Call us to learn more about how this revolutionary barrier coating system can restore your pipes without the mess, destruction, and costly remodeling involved in re-piping. As one of the leading pipe restoration companies in Florida, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality services, safety, and workmanship. If you run a commercial establishment and need discreet water leak detection and repair, we can work at night. Talk to us about your special needs and requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.