Trenchless Technology

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Trenchless technology is an excellent alternative to traditional sewer repair. This method accomplishes everything that the traditional procedures can accomplish, without the need for disruptive and messy digs. Trenchless technology can go underneath existing sewer and piping structures, all without disturbing them. Aside from being cheaper and more efficient, the trenchless method of sewer repair is considered greener (friendlier to the environment) than traditional repair procedures because it reuses pipes that are already in the ground, and therefore does not create excess fill dirt and waste that need to be discarded.

There are several steps involved in trenchless sewer repair. First, an entry hole needs to be created. The pipe is them inspected using video technology to pinpoint where the damage is. An epoxy-coated fiberglass ‘sleeve’ is then inserted into the area and then inflated to form what is essentially new piping. When the pipe is dried, a follow-up inspection by video is done to check if the system was repaired accurately.

During trenchless repair, only a minimal amount of waste is created. The workers also don’t need to work inside your home or building. Trenchless technology does not affect sewer and water service, either—and this is very important if you cannot afford to shut down your business to give way to repairs. What’s more this method preserves your landscaping. The actual damage is located before any reconstruction is started, thereby saving you money. Learn more about trenchless technology and how your home or business can benefit from it by reading over our website.