Tampa QuickLock

Tampa QuickLock Pipe Rehab Sleeve Installation

A QuickLock pipe rehab system is an innovative pipe spot repair technology that works with a mechanical compression technique. It does not require the use of any bonding agent like a pipe, laminates, or even adhesives. It completely reinforces the pipe structure at the damage spot with the duroplastic seals firmly compressed to the interior of the pipe.

The Tampa QuickLock pipe rehab system uses 316L heavy gauge stainless steel sleeves that repairs pipe spots with only one piece. The stainless steel sleeves are covered by a durable EPDM plastic material. The spot repair equipment is available for pipe diameter sizes ranging from 150 millimetres to 700 millimetres or 6 inches to 32 inches; and lengths ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches.

Tampa QuickLock pipe rehabilitation has replaced the stressful pipe repair processes that usually require digging across roads, application of resins, pipe laminates, etc. We have been able to achieve faster pipe repair time which is mostly recorded within minutes, and the number of persons engaged in a pipe rehabilitation task has reduced to two persons which saves us cost. We employ this flexible technology for sanitary sewer leaks, industrial pipes, and pipes that carry domestic water.

How We Install the Tampa QuickLock

The QuickLock system installation process is easy, quick and guarantees a renewed pipe structural reinforcement. It can be installed while the pipe contains fluid flowing through it because it uses a hollow packer that allows the fluid to flow through it as it moves to locate the damage.

The QuickLock installation process involves the following steps:

Step One

We use a CCTV camcorder equipment to inspect the pipelines to examine and confirm if the condition of the damage requires a QuickLock pipe rehab. We check to see if the engineering standards are met. We make sure that the internal pipe pressure is anything at 220 psi and below.

Step Two

We proceed to clean the pipeline carefully to remove every mud, plant roots, dirts and waste, grease and debris. We do this by using pipe cleaning equipment like high pressure PIGs, etc.

Step Three

Now, we position the QuickLock on a packer which has wheels, and is designed to allow flow-through. This packer is placed inside the pipe that needs repair and it is driven by an appropriate CCTV equipment. When the packer has reached the spot, the QuickLock sleeve is expanded to seal the damage on the pipe walls with the aid of air pressure supplied through the packer.

The process leaves an insignificant pipe diameter reduction after the repair, but the seal will be completely leak-proof.

Advantages of the Tampa QuickLock Repair

This repair reinforces the pipe wall and restores it to its initial state. It is a permanent repair option that eliminates leaks. It can be installed while there is fluid flow in the pipe. There is no need to dig the trenches for this process. It is a quick and easy installation process. It requires few personnel to complete the task. The safety standard of this technology meets good quality.

Tampa QuickLock pipe rehab technology has come to replace pipe rehabilitation methods that involved tedious procedures. We will always provide our clients with the best services.