Sarasota Trenchless Technology

When you opt for Sarasota trenchless technology, you can definitely save more money. This process means less mess because there’s no need for excavations. It also means less stress because your walls and floors don’t have to be ruined. Contact Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions LLC for more information on our ePipe technology.  

Why dig and excavate your Sarasota property when you can opt for trenchless technology? Back in the day, the only way to fix your sewer was to dig up the concrete or tear down the walls. Thanks to technology, you can now opt for a new solution with minimal invasion. Cured-In-Place Pipe restoration or CIPP is used not just in residential properties but also in commercial and government structures. Here’s how it works:

1. CCTV Investigation – A camera will go through your underground pipes to check the condition as well as the length of the pipes.

2. Odor Detection – If there are foul smells coming from your sewer but can’t find the hair line cracks, a vapor machine is used. This can then show where the vapor exits and shows the cracks.

3. Hydro-Jet Pipe Cleaning – Before CIPP is used, the original pipes must first be cleared of debris and other build-up. The high-pressure water system will then be linked to the pipes to clear out all the debris and grease sludge. Another CCTV will then again monitor the pipes.

4. CIPP – Using a special material saturated in epoxy resin, a tube-like material is inserted into the original pipes. Now, with an air inversion technique, the tube lining will create a form-fitting “pipe-within-a-pipe” in the original sewer system.

Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions LLC offers Sarasota trenchless technology for many clients. If you need help with your sewer or drainage system, give us a call at 1-800-977-5325. Our customer service team is available from 8am to 5pm during weekdays. You can also fill up the online form here on our website.