Sarasota Copper Pipe Repair

Old buildings definitely have their charms, but they can also have problematic plumbing. Most old structures have copper pipes that are prone to corrosion and other issues. Don’t worry–Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions LLC offers Sarasota copper pipe repair that doesn’t require tearing down of walls or floors. Visit our website to see our services.  

Copper is one of the most expensive materials used for residential and commercial piping. Even though it is pricey, it definitely offers a lot of benefits. First of all, it’s very durable.  Copper pipes are fire resistant and earthquake tolerant. All buildings accept copper plumbing (unlike plastic pipes that are not allowed in some instances due to health and safety reasons). Copper pipes are also versatile. They do not have bulky joints, so they are suitable for tight spaces. With its small external diameter, it can fit into the tight crevices of your property. Finally, copper pipes tend to increase the value of your home. If buyers find out that your house has copper plumbing, they might be willing to pay more.

The main problems with copper pipes is that it tends to develop pinhole leaks. It also becomes very susceptible to corrosion if the water passing through it is too acidic. Are you having problems with your copper pipes? Contact a Sarasota pipe restoration and copper pipe repair company. 

When it comes to the drawbacks of copper pipes, Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions LLC offers effective Sarasota copper pipe repair. Our company has patented a procedure called ePiping, which means we can fix your copper pipes without the need for excavation. To get a free estimate from Florida Pipe-Linings Solutions, LLC call us at 1-800-977-5325.