Corroded Copper vs ePipe 101

About ePipe® Epoxy Pipe Repair

The development of the patented ePipe® epoxy pipe repair process goes back to the 1990’s with a vision of developing and commercializing a positive friendly solution to leak repair including pipe corrosion, leaks and lead pipe remediation using technology to restore pipes in-place. ePipe® is an alternative to conventional re-piping that limits digging, cutting into walls, floors, ceilings and foundations to replace or repair pipes.

Pinhole Leaks   Based on proven barrier coating principles used by water utilities, ePipe® is focused on pipe repair using in-place restoration of small diameter pipes. Our pipe repair includes pipes just like those you find bringing water to and servicing your home, which can be as small as 6mm (1/2”) in diameter.

Through an international network of company owned and licensed applicators, ePipe® epoxy lining is installed in homes, hotels, hospitals and schools, providing protection against low water flow, corrosion and leaks.



ePipe®  provides essential leak repair, preventing the leaching of harmful metals and contaminants, such as lead, from entering into your drinking water. ePipe®  products are engineered to exceed EU and North American standards.

 ePipe®  has been chosen as the modern re-piping alternative by thousands of building owners and by the world’s leaders in the plumbing industry who need leak and pipe repair and restoration.



Since 1999, ACE DuraFlo® has been successfully using its patent(s) patented system that has saved building owners and homeowners thousands of dollars, while saving occupants the messy, noisy and destructive experience of a repipe.

Until ePipe the only effective long-term remedy for fixing galvanized steel or failing copper pipes was the expensive and inefficient method of repiping.

This meant the nuisance of dirt, noise, and several weeks of being without water. Building owners, homeowners, property managers and tenants are eagerly seeking an alternative to this old fashioned, expensive and frustrating system.·

We want to make the ACE DuraFlo® solution as easy as possible for you to understand! That’s why our website is designed to be informative and helpful. Check it out.


Air hoses are connected to the piping system. The isolated system is then dried with preheated,
filtered air.


The dried pipes are cleaned using an air and abrasive mixture that prepares the inside surface of the pipes for proper bonding of the epoxy.


The final stage of the ePIPE® process is the application of the epoxy lining to the system. This seals and protects the piping system from future corrosion.



Residential Water: The Benefits


The epoxy lined pipe, ePIPE, will last for years,·preventing leaking problems in your piping system.


Restores your pipes without the mess and expense of a repipe with ACE DuraFlo’s patented process.


Because there is no need to destroy walls, ceilings or floors you save a significant amount of money in reconstruction costs.


ePIPE restored piping system will not corrode, pit or scale and prevents the leaching of lead and copper contaminants.


ePIPE process is very quiet, and unlike a re-piping construction job, ePIPE restoration takes place within the pipe.


Significant build up of corrosion or pinhole leaks can cause low water flow. The ePIPE process gives you flow your system was intended to deliver.


No more brown water or discoloration. No more lead or copper contamination. ePIPE provides a safe, clean epoxy lined piping system.

Epipe Benefits
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