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About ePipe® Epoxy Pipe Repair

The development of the patented ePipe® epoxy pipe repair process goes back to the 1990’s with a vision of developing and commercializing a positive friendly solution to leak repair including pipe corrosion, leaks and lead pipe remediation using technology to restore pipes in-place. ePipe® is an alternative to conventional re-piping that limits digging, cutting into walls, floors, ceilings and foundations to replace or repair pipes.

Pinhole LeaksBased on proven barrier coating principles used by water utilities, ePipe® is focused on pipe repair using in-place restoration of small diameter pipes. Our pipe repair includes pipes just like those you find bringing water to and servicing your home, which can be as small as 6mm (1/2”) in diameter.

Through an international network of company owned and licensed applicators, ePipe® epoxy lining is installed in homes, hotels, hospitals and schools, providing protection against low water flow, corrosion and leaks.



ePipe®  provides essential leak repair, preventing the leaching of harmful metals and contaminants, such as lead, from entering into your drinking water. ePipe®  products are engineered to exceed EU and North American standards.

 ePipe®  has been chosen as the modern re-piping alternative by thousands of building owners and by the world’s leaders in the plumbing industry who need leak and pipe repair and restoration.


ACE DuraFlo Systems, LLC was formed in the 1990’s with the vision of developing and commercializing a proven and permanent solution to pipe corrosion and leaks. Truly an alternative to repiping, the ACE DuraFlo system provides “in-place” pipe restoration technology that limits destruction to walls, floors, ceilings and foundations.

As the industry leader and technological innovator, ACE DuraFlo meets local, national, and international standards as well as the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) 61 approval for drinking water. ACE DuraFlo’s product is UPC listed and IPC compliant – providing an effective, clean, safe and, most of all, healthy solution for piping failures – bringing you pipe restoration services for corroded and leaky pipes.

Offering pipe restoration services with the consumers’ health in mind, ACE DuraFlo responded to the increased awareness by public officials and consumers alike regarding pollutants in the water supply.

Changing water chemistry can have adverse effects on all piping systems – including galvanized and copper pipes. The ACE DuraFlo system ensures the integrity of the piping system and water supply.

With established franchises nationwide, ACE DuraFlo offers their revolutionary system in a fully portable package that enables your business to flourish. Future franchisees benefit from the successes and best practices of the current franchisees.

ACE DuraFlo is committed to the development of long term relationships. This is why we focus on superior and consistently provide it with courtesy and respect. We feel that honest and professional business practices are essential to quality customer relations. We respond quickly to our customers’ needs, especially when leaky pipes, rusty water and copper contamination are involved. ACE DuraFlo ePIPE is patented technology with only the best in proactive leak and contamination prevention. As an alternative to a complete pipe repair, the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE system is based on “in-place” pipe restoration technology. This lets us carry out pipe repair and restoration right within the walls, without having to tear any piping out. ACE DuraFlo is here to deliver quality, speedy pipe repair and restoration services for all piping problems – without the disruption and headache of a traditional repipe.