Pipe Repair

ePipe is an effective, efficient, and safe technology that drains water from the pipe, when we safely clean the interior with pressurized sand and air, then coat it with epoxy barrier to complete the pipe repair process. Your pipes can function like new with the help of Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions.  

Are recurring corrosion, pinhole leaks, and other pipe problems disrupting the operations of your business or home? Don’t worry—you no longer have to deal with traditional pipe repair methods that are often messy and expensive. There is a new and more efficient method of repairing failing pipes—and it’s called ‘pipe lining.’

The traditional method of pipe repair involves identifying defective pipes and replacing them with new ones. More often them not, this process means that your walls or floors (or both) have to be torn out. You end up paying a lot more money and undergoing a lot more stress than you bargained for. Thankfully, new pipe repair methods like pipe lining are now becoming more mainstream. The pipe lining process is a ‘less mess, less stress’ approach. It often doesn’t involve tearing down floors and walls. Instead, pipe lining experts fix your existing pipes from the inside, restoring its interiors so that it functions like new. First, any remaining water in the pipe is drained. The pipe interior is then safely cleaned using pressurized sand and air. Finally, an epoxy barrier coating is put in. This makes the pipe function as though it was new.

Curious about this newer, more cost-effective, and super efficient approach to pipe repair? Call Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions at + 1 800 977 5325 now to learn more about your options. You can also explore this website to find out if pipe lining is suitable for your current pipe issues.