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Governmental Water: The Process

comm_the_process_3col_toprightThe ePipe® lining system is the choice for state, county and city decision makers faced with pinhole leaks, brown water, or encrusted pipes. The operational responsibilities and the fiscal budget limitations of a municipality demand a quick, inexpensive, and yet, reliable solution. Time and Money are the two reasons that Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions should be your choice for water line repairs. By using your pipes that are already in place, in walls, underground, and under slab we can quickly set up our equipment to begin the process. Because there is little to no destruction of walls and floors, there are no large reconstruction and “put back” costs once pipe restoration is complete.

The ePipe®lining system provides an effective answer to supply line replacement for either lead or leakage problems. Lining the service supply lines from the water main to the faucet tap, the ePipe®process provides a more comprehensive and robust solution to tackling the dissolved lead issue within the drinking water supply.

Sometimes a water supply system is encrusted and the pipes wrapped in asbestos. Repair or replacement have to be completed, but a shutdown of the facility is not feasible. Set up of the ePipe® lining system can begin on a Friday and the complete project can be completed over the course of the weekend with no interruption to the general operations associated with a pipe restoration process.