Schools with Lead
Tainted Water get
Passing Grade with
ePipe® LeadSmart™


Is Your School EPA Lead Compliant? This past year, officials across the country have been testing for lead in school’s drinking water systems. Many schools continue to fail the EPA requirement for lead leaching.

Lead leaching into the drinking water is not limited to lead pipes. Lead contributors, such as lead solder in copper piping systems used until 1986 as well as brass valves and fixtures, can leach lead at levels that exceed the EPA’s cut off levels.

The ePIPE® LeadSmart program is a comprehensive solution for schools facing harmful lead & copper levels in their drinking water systems. The program involves a review of possible sources of lead leaching, corrective actions which include application of the patented ePIPE process, and where necessary, replacement of suspect lead contributing fixtures.

Picture2 The ePIPE® Lead-Free, Leak-Free pipe protection reduces lead and copper leaching to well below the EPA cut off levels.  Using the proven ePIPE process, a fast curing barrier coating is applied to the pipes which reduces lead and copper leaching into the drinking water, and also protects against leaks.

Compared to a repipe, the ePIPE® LeadSmart program is minimally invasive, safe, and cost effective. Protected by 16 patents, the proven ePIPE® system stops leaching lead in school water piping systems with shorter project times.

This past summer, more than 40 Florida school facilities have had corrective actions completed with ePIPE’s patented, in-place pipe remediation technology.

Result: Lead levels in the schools’ drinking water were all brought into compliance using the ePIPE® LeadSmart program.


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