Florida Hospital
Orlando, Florida


Weekend Storm Wreaks Havoc
at Florida Hospital of Orland


Florida’s tallest hospital building is the new 15-story Ginsburg Towers addition located in beautiful downtown Orlando. After a weekend of driving rain, offices on the tenth and eleventh floor were scrambling to deal with the aftermath of the weekend storm. Brought to the attention of the General Contractor, Brasfield & Gorrie, the cause for the water intrusion was found to be a 6” cast iron roof drain pipe that ran vertically throughout the building. After inspecting this drain pipe, it was discovered that holes had accidentally been drilled through the pipe on several floors during building construction for hanging some additional cabinetry to the walls.

To repair this piping conventionally would mean dismantling the cabinets and opening the walls in several rooms to gain the needed access to replace the affected piping. This destruction and mess would take several days and would be very disruptive to employees and hospital work. Brasfield & Gorrie weighed their options on what to do. They recalled working previously with Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions on another project there at Florida Hospital that utilized their CCTV Inspection and Safety Cleaning services to resolve some drain and sewer problems the hospital was having.

At this point Brasfield & Gorrie called in Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions and consulted with us about the feasibility of conducting a CIPP repair on this damaged 6” roof drain piping.

Utilizing our patented Air Inverted CIPP lining process and without having to disrupt the rooms or employee activities to rehabilitate the piping, the skilled technicians from Florida Pipe Lining Solutions performed this CIPP lining repair on 25’ of this 6” drain piping right during the middle of hurricane season with no mess or interruption to hospital business.

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Winter Park Towers
Retirement Community

Winter Park, Florida


Pinhole Leaks Throughout the Building
Winter Park Towers is a retirement center located on the shores of Lake Berry. Built in 1965 and part of the Westminster Communities of Florida, this Retirement Center in Winter Park, Florida was suffering pinhole leaks throughout their facility.

Putting Infrastructure Before Esthetics
While undergoing a recent remodel to update and beautify the individual units, the Westminster officials knew that attention to their aging infrastructure was even more important. To tear out and replace the old piping would be very destructive and since much of the potable water piping was encased in Asbestos, the cost for remediation and re-piping would be out of the question.

The Fix From Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions And ePIPE
After surveying the piping at the Winter Park Towers, FPS put together a plan of action to completely restore the water piping in their building. The ePIPE® Techs from FPS first shut off and drained the system. Then using compressed air, they cleaned the interior of the piping and then installed the ePIPE® epoxy barrier coating. After the newly lined piping was cured, the entire system was tested and put back on line.

They could have had the water pipes replaced. It would mean tearing out walls and floors. Instead, Westminster management wisely chose the less stressful and permanent solution: the ACE DuraFlo ePIPE® System from Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions. This unique, Patented, and NSF Approved epoxy barrier coating system restores the pipes to like-new condition without a big mess.

Satisfaction at Winter Park Towers
The cycle of corrosion was broken. The epoxy lining meant that water no longer touched metal in the water pipes. The interiors were smooth, corrosion-free, and warranted not to leak for years to come.


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