About Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions, LLC.

Experience. Technology. Professionalism.

These are the things that make Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions the best choice for in-place plumbing pipe restoration. We make aging, leaking pipes work like new!

For years, we have used state-of-the-art technology and our “less mess, less stress” approach in residential and commercial settings. We have enjoyed the thanks and praise of commercial and residential owners alike. With our recent addition of new cutting edge services and to better focus on all the various pipe rehabilitation needs of our Florida customers, we have a new name, Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions. New name, more services, and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. That’s the FPS difference!

When recurring pinhole leaks, corrosion, or other pipe failures disrupt a home or business, the traditional approach was to replace the defective pipes with new ones. This requires the messy process and unnecessary expense of tearing out walls or floors. Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions offers alternatives in which we restore existing pipes from the inside.

Our expertise with pipe-interior technologies often allows us to avoid the need to tear open walls and floors. For the customer, this means “less mess” and “less stress.”

Our technologies include ePIPE®, a safe, efficient, and effective process in which water is drained from a pipe, the interior is safely cleaned with pressurized air and sand, and a epoxy barrier coating is installed to make the inside of the pipe function like new.

We have extensive experience with both fresh water pipes and drain pipes. We embark on each job with a set of protocols, developed over time. Our methodical and thorough approach has been recognized, time and again, by customers who comment on our attention to detail.

Choose the company with the best combination of experience, technology, and professionalism to give new life to your failing plumbing pipes: Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions!

State of Florida
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
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Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions, LLC
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At Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions we believe in the customer’s right to expect the highest quality and skilled workmanship available to them.  Our dedicated crews work under licensed and experienced Master Plumbers. FPS is proud that we go above and beyond the minimum to give our customers the best finished job available. 

Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions has the highest quality standards, product line, and customer service in the industry. Besides condominium owners, our customers include Florida public schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, mobile home parks, city, and state facilities. Our technicians are factory trained, experienced, and dedicated to giving our customers the best quality work available. In addition, they adhere to strict safety standards are are conscious at all times about minimizing any disruption to owners and residents, and respecting property. Our crew will maintain communications through out the project with property management personnel pertaining to any progress status and any needed shut down of water service, and keep these interruptions to a minimum. We also police our work area at the end of each work day to keep the area clean and safe.