Commercial Water: The Process and Benefits

Leaks in water supply lines servicing a commercial building can cause extensive damage and mean costly construction repairs. ePIPE® offers a modern, money-saving solution by lining the inner wall of the piping with a certified, safe, epoxy protective barrier coating without opening your tenant’s floors, walls, and ceilings.

Damage due to water leaks is a serious matter in any large building or high rise.Damage due to water leaks is a serious matter in any large building or high rise. Many of these water problems can be resolved with the Ace Duraflo ePIPE® Restoration System. ePIPE® is a patented in-place pipe restoration system using an epoxy resin material to coat the interior walls of your buildings water lines. ePIPE® is a permanent, cost-effective and non-invasive solution to damaging leaks. This process saves time, minimizes environmental concerns and avoids the necessity of costly structural restoration, disposal fees, and redecorating.


A number of factors by themselves or in combination can affect the corrosion rate in a piping system. Depending on the degree of these various factors, signs of corrosion can show up in piping systems in as little as two years after being installed. Some of these problems may even show up when using water sources of the highest quality.


PINHOLE LEAKS/FAILING COPPEREven diminutive pinhole leaks in your piping can cause major water damage and mold, to your walls, ceiling, and floors, leading to expensive remodeling.


ENCRUSTED GALVANIZED/LOW WATER FLOWExperiencing lower flow than normal is an indication of problem in your piping system.


DISCOLORED WATERWhile many people blame brown water on the source of their water, oftentimes the water coming into their home is clean and the problem is actually rust within their piping system that is contaminating their water.


LEAD COPPER CONTAMINANTSCorrosion in your piping can cause leaching of lead and copper into your drinking water.


Your Pipes are Heated and Air Dried

Air Hoses are connected at various points to the water system. Technicians then use pre-heated and filtered air to dry the isolated system.

Burst Sanded, Removing Corrosion

The cleaning of the dried piping is accomplished by using a mixture of air and sand to scour the inside of the piping. This cleans and prepares the internal pipe surface for optimum bonding of the patented and NSF-61 approved epoxy.

Barrier Coating Throughout the System

The application of the epoxy lining is the final stage of the ePIPE® process. The patented lining provides a barrier coating to seal and protect the piping system from future corrosion.

Benefits of ePIPE®

Reasons our clients chose the ePIPE® Restoration Process:

Guest and Tenant
Friendly Minimal Operation Disruption
NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Approved and UPC Listed
Professional Warranted Work
Significant Total Cost Savings
Shorter Project Timelines

The benefits of ePIPE® and our pipe repair process provide the ability to stop leaks, rid contaminants, correct low water flow and various other pipe problems bring lasting benefits, including but not limited to:

Lead Pipes – Clean Water

ePIPE® protected lead pipes provide protection against lead from leaching into your drinking water. Starting in 2013, EU and UK standards for lead found in drinking water will follow World Health Guidelines of 10ug/l (10 PPB). Our lead pipe repair process and lead pipes protected with ePIPE® linings will reduce lead to safe drinking water standards.

Stop Leaks and Improved Water Flow

The patented process effectively seals pinhole leaks in place, saving water and damages resulting from leaking pipes.  Corrosion build up inside a pipe can restrict water flow. ePIPE®  protected pipes are cleaned of corrosion and then lined. The result is improved water flow and cleaner water.

Minimal Digging and Minimal Wall Damage

ePIPE®  is installed inside existing pipes, minimal disruption is required. Often, no digging is required to install ePIPE®.  Pipes are restored right inside your walls, in-place, resulting in minimal damage or intrusion into your building structure.


For over a decade ePIPE® has been chosen by 1000’s of property owners in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe to stop leaks and corrosion and to restore and repair pipes.

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