Why Re-Pipe when you can LINE?

Whether it’s problems with drains or potable water piping, Florida Pipe-Lining has the technology and experience to restore your deteriorated drains.

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Residential and Commercial EPipe Services

Why repipe?® Avoid the mess and fix pipes in-place with ePIPE. Protect your property from leaks leaching and corrosion with the fastest return to service in the industry. In most cases, your water will be back on the same day!

For years, we have used state-of-the-art technology and our “less mess, less stress” approach in residential and commercial settings. We have enjoyed the thanks and praise of commercial and residential owners alike. With our recent addition of new cutting edge services and to better focus on all the various pipe rehabilitation needs of our Florida customers.  Florida Pipe-Lining Solutions;  more services, and our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. That’s the FPS difference!

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Why Us?


90 minute return to service. In most cases, your water will be back on the same day.


Minimal Disruption

Less mess and destruction than a traditional repipe.


We pride ourselves on providing you with a proven service and track record with a prompt and continuous install.

More Than Just Leak Protection

ePIPE reduces lead leaching to well below EPA guidelines



Thousands of building owners have trusted ePIPE for lead-free, leak-free pipe protection.

Patented, Proven Process

Our portfolio extends over 40 US and international patents for leak sealing, underground piping systems, lead reduction, and in-building piping systems.



We have financing options available tailored to your solution of choice.
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Florida Pipe Lining Solutions

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